Thank you for visiting Ray of Hope Family Worship Center, THE RAY, website, where we are “REAL People with REAL Needs Experiencing the REAL Christ Who gives REAL Solutions.”

We are striving to HELP OTHER PEOPLE EXCEL.  Are you tired of church as usual or just being a Sunday church spectator?  Looking for something different, an out of the box experience, your next level in life?  Why not visit Ray of Hope Family Worship Center, affectionately known as "The Ray".  The Ray is more than just another church, it’s a life changing empowerment center in Atlantic County, New Jersey.

- Arrested by His Call

The goal of the leadership is to serve and minister the Grace of God to open and willing hearts...


We stand on the promise of our Savior that He has never seen the righteous forsaken nor seed begging bread. Our Lord promised that He would never leave us nor forsake us, and it is by FAITH that we believe God to RE-DESIGN OUR LIVES in 2009. WE DARE TO HOPE and have a spirit of expectancy for what God has in store for us in the year 2009. 

Therefore, we encourage you to take a mental picture of what you would like GOD to do for you this year, get excited, and start preparing yourself for your RE-DESIGN. Can’t you just feel that something good is going to happen? Then finally, believe with confidence that the GOD who brought you through your past experiences has something greater in store for your future.

So, HOPE with THE RAY as we embrace the Kingdom Agenda for 2009 – RE-DESIGN IN '09!

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